I have a rather old Motorola Droid, that I am able to use overseas. I have the phone set to either 'global', wcdma or gsm normally global works fine. When I first put my overseas SIM in, while the home screen is showing, the phone takes a bit of time to look for a signal. I think that initially, I had the settings set to manually rather than automatically search for signals I always get a notice of 'sim card is unknown', but then I have an option to click 'ok', which I do, and the phone connects to the supplier.

I have used 2 or 3 different suppliers in the phone. For texts, I had to put in the APN information. The phone works for texts and phone calls, but does not work for tethering, and continues to look for Verizon.

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Frankly, while Verizon continues to insist that these phones are 'unlocked', the aren't truly unlocked, and there is a ton of Verizon stuff in the phone that can be problematic. I eventually had to root the phone to get rid of the bloatware, however, prior to doing that, the phone did work just for calls and texts. When you put the foreign sim in, and start up the phone, does that screen that advises you that the sim is not from Verizon, allow you to go further into the phone, settings, etc.

If so, have you tried to search manually for a signal??CNET -- It's summer time. And you know what that means: Harrowing international travel with your cell phone. While the sour economy may be keeping some travelers closer to home this summer, good deals on flights and hotels, and the growing strength of the U. And since cell phones are now so much a part of our everyday lives, it's hard to part with them when we hop on a plane to another country. But what if you'd like to check in on the kids back home during your trip, or you need to find your travel companions while wandering around the Gothic quarter in Barcelona?

Or maybe you've met some nice locals who want to catch up with you later, but they need your number to text you? Well, I'm here to tell you that firing up the cell phone in another country need not be as scary or expensive as you think. But first you need the facts. To help you get started, I've put together this FAQ that can answer some basic questions about which phones and carriers offer service abroad and how much you can expect to pay.

For more information, check out your carrier's Web site. Does it matter which wireless operator I have if I want to use my phone abroad? Yes it does. While all of the four major wireless operators in the U. GSM, or global system for mobile communications, is used throughout much of the world, including in Europe where it's the standardCanada, Latin America, the Caribbean, Africa, Australia, and New Zealand, as well as much of Asia and the Middle East.

In the U. Coverage also extends to some cruise ships. T-Mobile has roaming agreements with over countries and also provides service throughout Central America, Australia, much of South America, and some countries in Africa. It also offers coverage on some cruise ships. The U. This is the technology that is used by the largest operator in the U. The old Nextel portion of Sprint's network uses a different technology called iDEN, which is used in a limited number of places outside the U.

Verizon Wireless, which is jointly owned by Verizon Communications and the world's largest wireless operator Vodafone, has roaming agreements with more than 40 countries for its CDMA service and more than countries that use GSM.

Will My US Cell Phone Work in Canada?

A software upgrade may be required for some countries. Coverage is available on some cruise ships as well.

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The iDEN network only offers services in 11 countries and one U. Not necessarily. GSM carriers may be the best choice for globe-trotters, especially those traveling in Europe, but not every GSM phone works in every country.

The reason is that different regions of the world use different frequency bands to transmit GSM signals. Japan and South Korea use the MHz band. If you don't have a phone that supports this technology, you can rent one from your service provider or buy a prepaid phone once you get there. In Japan, users are required to register with the carrier to activate a prepaid phone.

Going abroad? Don't be afraid to pack the cell phone

Do Verizon Wireless and Sprint have any "world phones" that can be used in countries where GSM is the predominant cell phone technology used?

Yes they do. This program, called Global Travel Program, is offered to current Verizon Wireless subscribers without a daily rental fee or security deposit. The program is designed for customers traveling on short trips that last less than 21 days. Customers can call to speak with a Global Services Activation specialist to request a global phone. Subscribers will get to use their existing phone number and voice mail. And contact lists can be transferred to the global phone.

A nominal shipping fee applies. And customers must either sign up for special international rate plans or pay regular international rates, depending on which country they're visiting.Start typing and select a country from the list. If Verizon is your carrier and you want to know how much it's going to cost to use your phone overseas, Cellular Abroad has compiled some useful information for you:. International roaming is available to almost any Verizon customer who has a smartphone but, if your phone is not a smartphone, chances are, it will not work.

The good news is that almost all new phones - and certainly the more expensive smartphones like Samsung Galaxies as well as any iPhone model above the iPhone 4 are hybrid phones, having CDMA as well as GSM, and will therefore work virtually worldwide. The bad news is that Verizon's international roaming is expensive.

More good news, however, is that Verizon's phones are unlocked which means that you have the ability to put in a different SIM card giving you better rates. Verizon's most popular plan is called the TravelPass. Let's explore.

can i use my verizon phone in nigeria

The TravelPass allows you to use your phone in countries and it gives you almost the same service that you probably have back home such as unlimited calling, texts and data. The "almost," specifically, is because data slows down to 2G, which is virtually unusable. However, the first mb per day are 3G and 4G and mb is a healthy chunk of data and certainly more than enough for most travelers.

While the countries include all of Europe as well as plenty of popular destinations, there are some fairly popular destinations such as Cuba, Morocco Croatia, French Polynesia, Costa Rica, Tunisia and about 70 more where Verizon will charge you absurdly high roaming rates. Here are the roaming rates as of Sept for countries outside of Verizon's TravelPass plan:. The above information was copy and pasted directly off of Verizon's website.

An MMS message is in short, a text message with a picture attached to it. The last line is the cost of data. And let's not forget the tax. Let's sum it up to find out when it makes sense to use the TravelPass plan or Verizon's default plan and when it makes sense to find another solution. Verizon's TravelPass plan is a very good option if you are traveling overseas for just a few days or maybe even up to a week. However, if your trip is a couple of weeks or longer it makes sense to either get a different SIM card remember, all Verizon LTE smartphones and all iPhones after the iPhone 4 are unlocked.

Even Verizon's default plan may still be a good idea for some.We offer international plans that keep you connected in over countries worldwide. With TravelPass your wireless plan travels just like you do. If you want to use your phone like you do at home with unlimited calling and texting along with 4G LTE data, TravelPass is for you.

To add TravelPass, text Travel to or click here. You can purchase additional High Speed for the remainder of your session. For occasional use when you travel in more than countries, add a one time monthly bundle of minutes, texts and data. Or, a monthly bundle that remains on your line until you remove it for longer or multiple trips. Click here to add a monthly bundle. Additional data charges apply for multimedia messages sent while outside the US.

Pay as you go rates apply without TravelPass, an allowance plan, when in countries not included, or when an allowance plan expires. If your device is lost, stolen or broken, or you experience a device issue while you are traveling outside the US, please use the below instructions to reach the International Support Team from a landline phone:. If a toll-free number is not available for the country you are in, please dial toll charges will apply. International Travel Plans.

can i use my verizon phone in nigeria

Add an International Travel Plan. Travel smart. Stay connected.

can i use my verizon phone in nigeria

Must be on a qualifying plan. Monthly International Travel Plan. View available services and pricing by country. Choose Pay as You Go rates for your talk and text and buy a monthly plan for your data browsing. View cruise ship coverage.

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Barthelemy St. Eustatius St. Helena St. Kitts and Nevis St. Lucia St. Maarten St. Martin St. Pierre and Miquelon St. Plan your trip. Find coverage, device and service needs to travel to your destination. International trip planner Available services and pricing by country Coverage maps.

International services support while traveling outside the US. Representatives are standing by to help you, whether you're home or abroad.If you're heading out on a trip anytime soon, one thing that should be on your checklist is getting your iPhone unlocked.

Don't worry—it sounds like a complicated process, but it's very easy. And it's definitely worth doing, too. With an unlocked phone, you'll find that travel instantly becomes easier and more affordable. Depending on who you bought your phone from, it may come locked or unlocked. What does this mean?

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If your phone is locked, it means you can only use it with the provider you bought it from. This means that your phone is locked.

If you can use SIM cards from other cell providers in your phone, you have an unlocked phone, which is useful for travelers. There are many benefits to unlocking your phone for international use. With an unlocked phone, you can turn up in a new country, pick up a local SIM cardand have all the data you need at affordable rates.

Introducing the New Europe SIM Card

Outside of the United States, you'll find that many countries offer very inexpensive data options. It's much easier than it sounds, and Apple has a useful guide for how to get yours unlocked. Once you've clicked the link, scroll down to your phone provider and click the link for "unlocking" to gain instructions for doing so. Once you've found the unlocking instructions, call up your cell provider and ask them to unlock your phone for you. They should be able to do so in a matter of minutes.

International Long Distance Plans.

If you've owned your phone for a year or more, your provider will have to unlock it, so make sure they're not trying to take you for a ride if they refuse to. If you're with Sprint, unfortunately, you're out of luck. If you are with Sprint, then, your best bet is to have a thought about picking up a new smartphone for your trip. In some cases, a network provider won't agree to unlock your iPhone.Hey, globetrotter! If you're traveling the world, you can take Xfinity Mobile with you.

International roaming is supported for phones and tablets. There are just a couple eligibility requirements for using your device outside of North America:. If you've met these requirements, contact us via chat to add international roaming to your account. Once it's on there, you'll need to restart your device for international roaming to take effect. It's best to take care of this before you leave for your trip so that everything is all set when you get there.

If you've already enabled international roaming, then you're all set for your next trip. International roaming will always remain on your line unless you call us to disable it.

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Rates vary by country. Before you head out on your trip, look up your destination with our international rate search. When you're traveling outside the U. That way you can minimize charges for using cellular data on international networks. Using your device while abroad for calls, texts, or data can lead to data roaming fees, which can add up in a hurry. Smart Watches. Bring Your Own. My Account. Can I use Xfinity Mobile when I travel internationally?

July 1, Otherwise, you could incur unintended international roaming charges. You might also like: How do I manage my international settings? Can I call or text other countries from the U.

What is the Mexico and Canada Call Pass?Due to inactivity, your session will end in approximately 2 minutes.

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Extend your session by clicking OK below. Due to inactivity, your session has expired. Please sign in again to continue. This page is about calling other countries while you're in the US. Yes, you can use your prepaid phone for international calls and texts while you're in the US. For pricing and dialing instructions, go to our Prepaid International Calling page. You can choose from 2 Prepaid International Calling plans to add to your prepaid monthly plan:. For more information, go to our Prepaid International Calling page.

Note: Some of our prepaid smartphone plans include calling to Mexico and Canada. Prepaid International Calling plans can be added to all current prepaid monthly plans for smartphones or basic phones and many older prepaid monthly plans. You can view your plan purchase options in My Verizon. If your current plan isn't eligible, you can switch to one of our current prepaid monthly plans. No, your Prepaid International Calling plan will automatically renew each month once you add it to your account.

To stop the plan from renewing, you'll need to remove it from your account. Prepaid international calling FAQs. I frequently call other countries from the US. What Prepaid International Calling plans are currently available? Am I eligible for a Prepaid International Calling plan? How do I add or change the Prepaid International Calling plan on my account?

Do I have to add a Prepaid International Calling plan every month? Connect with us on Messenger. Visit Community. OK Due to inactivity, your session has expired.

can i use my verizon phone in nigeria

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