Caterpillar 3406e engine oil leak

Welcome to world's most trustworthy automotive forum. Thread Rating: 60 Vote s - 3. Reputation: Hi friends I need some advice about 2ws bone stock. Wich flash file is the best for this engine with stock turbo, injector. Can i flash it with 7cz and stay safe? And for who want the prelow noc flash file i dont forget you i will share them soon! Reputation: 6. You may find the 7CZ with the stock 0R turbo will run hot on the egts.

Make sure the truck has an egt gauge and don't lug the engine below rpm. Reputation: 1. Thanks, Trent. Thanks, Trent here you go buddy. Reputation: 0. I dont want a screamer and boom. What fls numbers do I use? Thanks, Trent here you go buddy What fls numbers do I use? Reputation: 1, Need Cat ECM reprograming,please help!!! Replies: 1. Last Post by Reddog.

Best way to program delete Dodge Ram diesel? Author: Brookhaven Replies: Last Post by DieselSuperStore. Best quality-price truck interface. Replies: 5. Last Post by chris Best Laptop.

3406e 2ws forum

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Thread Rating: 5 Vote s - 4 Average 1 2 3 4 5. Reputation: I did my first cat reflash today on one of our trucks with a 2ws E. I have a couple questions I was hoping the Cat experts could help me with.

The biggest is the truck has a sticker on the valve cover that says max hp: hp. Can you flash this with a hp 2ws file? If not what is all required to change as far as hard parts go to be able to. The reason I am asking is the file that was in this truck was actually a hp I found out today but it never ran really good. We have another 2ws and a 5ek that would walk all over this truck.

I reflashed it to the hp file and it seems to run pretty good but I will find out tomorrow when its loaded. The errors given where either "The ecm is not responding to the service tool" or "The ECM missed a byte of data" has anyone ever experienced this.

Like I said I finally got it to work but what can I do to prevent these from happening again? No idea on the hp questions but use a direct to ecm harness and have a clean power supply on a battery as the solution to flashing errors. Have had a truck take 36 minutes to flash through dash, even though was successfully flashed same truck took like 5 minutes with bench harness. Have had a truck take 36 minutes to flash through dash, even though was successfully flashed same truck took like 5 minutes with bench harness Ok Thank you.

Is the bench harness something you made or does someone make a goodone for sale? Long and short of it for the HP.

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Depends on the hard parts in in the block. Someone will be able to tell you with the full serial assuming that if they were changed at some point they were with what was in it. Most of them will go to o. If the truck doesn't ever really run good than it is more than likely the engine is the issue and not the software. There are some low NoX tunes that are out for that engine so avoid them but they still run really good with them in it.

Caterpillar Manuals

Those tanks seem to only care about that. Again, only observation through the years Someone might give a way better answer. Reputation: 3. Just flash it with a file, you will be fine.It shows the components of the circuit as simplified shapes, and the capacity and signal links along with the devices.

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We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Accept Reject Read More. Necessary Always Enabled.View Full Version : How to turn up a E? Competition Diesel. Fuel temp resistor gives them an extra 50hp. Another thing, depending on what the stock settings are you can have cat flash a different program in it, the heavy haul program runs real good.

There's also programs floating around on the net that you can get flashed like the Australian programs but unless you know your dealer real well you'll have to find a private guy to flash those.

Honestly if the truck is a just leave it alone Some of the new flashes Ect don't seam. PDI and forget it. Have 3 done and they will bury a PP box. Another option is there is a modified 7CZ hp file around that had the timing bumped that runs really well.

Can get that done cheaper than the PDI tune if you don't want as much power. Changing injector trim codes can add a little. The fuel temp mod adds a little also but only until the fuel actually gets hot. Be careful though some serial 's of the e models like to break cranks and window blocks.

Listen to this guy, he's not steering you wrong! You want to talk yellow motor, ask him and follow directions carefully. There are a couple of modified files that got leaked and have spread around, one will brick your ECM. That's why you have to know who your dealing with. There is also a modded Acert file pin I've heard about that get's the same reviews. Bottom line the ONLY way to get big power without changing any hard parts cam, injectors ect is to have someone flash your ECM with a good file.

The other way is to swap the cam and bigger injectors. The codes work good for me but some guys have said they don't like the way they idle. I believe are the alternate codes. Meaning if you "could" have had it done at Cat, like updating a to hp.

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This is for an early non EPA flash. PM me if your interested in the hp modded file and I'll give you more info.Discussion in ' Trucks [ Eighteen Wheelers ] ' started by rshakinMar 17, Log in or Sign up. Find Trucking Jobs.

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Mar 17, 1. Hello all. I am having some power issues with my cat e 2ws serial motor. Its set at on the ecm, but it does not feel like it has the hp or the torque that it should have. I haven't taken it to dyno yet, what should I check first. I have done so far is checked the Turbo hoses and Turbo. There is no play in the shaft of the turbine, the manifold boost at rpm is at 25 or less psi and takes very long to climb.

I have blocked off the waste gate to see if any difference it has helped a little, to where I will bills up to 30 Pei on a long climb butt it will gradually come down. What should I check for to see where my problems might be. I will do a dyno next week or so.

3406e 2ws forum

Sent from my Nexus 7 using Tapatalk 2. Yes, let employers and TruckersReport text me with new opportunities, job alerts and other career information to the number I provided. There is no charge for this service, but standard message and data rates may apply. Mar 17, 2. Do a search on the forum, alot has been posted on this issue start with the easy stuff I assume filters are good.

You checked turbo hoses, did you check the ATA? Have you checked fuel pressure etc? There will be members on here that will be able to give you excellent guidance and help Mar 17, 3. CatPowerC15Mar 17, Mar 17, 4. I will check the fuel pressure last time at idle when I checked itwas between 70 and 80 psi. How much would a new inter cooler will run me. Any places around Fontana CA that do that. Mar 17, 5. I was thinking the fuel pressure should be closer to But does sound possible like an air to air cooler leak.

Have you changed the fuel filters? FlightlineMar 17, Mar 17, 6. SuperhaulerMar 17, Show Ignored Content.Menu Freight Relocators.

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3406E Reflash Questions

For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Cat c15 head and e head. Thread starter Kenworth77 Start date May 1, Tags caterpillar. Kenworth77 Well-Known Member. I have a e but the head broke So i was wondering if I could replace it with a c15 head and work right.Are you curious about your Caterpillar E diesel engine?

2000 Caterpillar 3406E 2WS Running

Well, we're taking you through this engine in detail, so wonder no more! Read on to learn the history of the engine, as well as some common failures you might experience.


Looking for replacement parts for your CAT diesel engine? About a century and a half ago, steam tractors were used as the primary tool in agricultural development.

These giant tractors worked great in most areas of the United States, except for way out West.

3406E Reflash Questions

The soft earth out in California wasnt firm enough for the tractors to work on, and they kept sinking. Various work-arounds were made to try and solve this problem, but none were cost-effective or timely. This changed inwhen Benjamin Holt came up with the brilliant idea to replace the wheels with a track system. This track system is what gave Caterpillar its name, as the unique way the machines moved was often compared to caterpillars.

The product quickly became the hot item for Bens company, the Holt Manufacturing Company. Holt Manufacturing Company did well, but also had a strong competitor: C. Best Tractor. Both companies prospered in the early s because of World War I, but business fell drastically after the war.

Inthe two giants merged in an effort to solve both of their financial issues. The new company name was based on Ben Holts infamous design, and Caterpillar with a capital C was officially born.

3406e 2ws forum

This merger wasnt quite enough to increase finances, however. The first big step in recovery was that Caterpillar began making diesel engines, which debuted in The second big step was a focus on developing and manufacturing construction equipment.

The timing could not have been more perfect, as there was a construction boom after World War II that caused the company enormous success that is still showing. After Caterpillar completely took over the construction market, the company began branching out in the late part of the s.

They began building truck engines for both on- and off-highway applications, and entered the global market. Inupcoming environmental standards caused them to exit the on-highway diesel engine market, which had only ever lead to a small portion of their sales anyway.

Caterpillar first began producing the E in It was the last the model engine, with its predecessor being the C. Rumor has it that Caterpillar skipped the D in the series, because their Marketing department pointed out that there were too many negatives that could be associated with the letter D.

In the series, the A and B were completely mechanical, and the C was mostly mechanical with an electrically-controlled fuel pump, depending on the year it was produced.

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